Leading Online Koi Pond Supplier Discusses Diseases Affecting Koi Fish

BELLMORE, NEW YORK - As a koi pond hobbyist, you soon realize that regular maintenance of your pond's equipment such as the filter, pump and plumbing is a continual effort. A healthy pond is essential to the health of your koi fish.

No matter how well you care for your pond, at some point you will face having to deal with a sick koi fish.

Shawn Rosen, owner of Koi Market, offers live butterfly koi for sale, and offers this helpful information about common diseases that can affect your koi fish and how treat them. "Koi have very long life spans," says Rosen. "It's inevitable that at some point you will have an illness in one of your koi fish and it is important to know what kind of treatments to administer."

Koi illness can be attributed to bacteria, parasites, viruses and even fungi.

Regular observation of your koi fish allows early detection of problems such as parasites and bacterial or fungal diseases. Read more

Exclusive Koi Fish Retailer Now Accepting Appointments For New York Location

BELLMORE, NEW YORK - Leading pond supply retailer Koi Market announces they are accepting appointments to visit their new retail location in Bellmore, New York, where they feature live koi for sale.

With a recent installation of more than 6,000 gallons in custom-built tanks to expand their inventory, Koi Market exclusively features Blackwater Creek koi for sale. "We have a wide variety of standard fin and butterfly koi, as well as fancy goldfish for sale," says Shawn Rosen, owner of Koi Market.

Koi Market has been a leading source online for koi pond enthusiasts needing to purchase a koi pond pump or other pond plumbing supplies, fish care products or pond maintenance supplies. A recent partnership with Blackwater Creek Farms provided the online retailer the opportunity to expand its market with live koi fish which could be ordered online and shipped live to customers.

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Leading Pond Supply Company Launches New Website

BELLMORE, NEW YORK - Koi Market announces the launch of its newly revamped website. One of the leading koi pond supply companies on the east coast, Koi Market values its customers and their overall shopping experience.

"We spent countless hours redesigning the site," says Shawn Rosen, owner of Koi Market. "It is easier to navigate so you can find what you need." Your overall shopping experience is important. You need to be able to quickly and easily find what you are looking for, so improved navigation features and layout were a focus in the redesign.

"One of the main reasons our customers continue to shop our website is our customer loyalty program, Koi Cash Rewards," says Rosen. "You are instantly rewarded for your online purchases with cash credit."

Cash credit is deposited into your rewards account for items bought online such as fish care supplies, food, pond lighting and equipment. Koi Cash Reward credits can be applied toward your future purchases.

Koi Market values its customers and keeps you informed via a complimentary newsletter and email announcements for sales, new arrivals, special pricing and the latest varieties of koi fish and goldfish.

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New Shipment Of Butterfly Koi Fish Available From Leading Online Retailer

BELLMORE, NEW YORK - Leading online retailer of koi pond supplies Koi Market announces a butterfly koi fish sale on their new shipment of beautiful specimen butterfly koi available exclusively at their online store.

"You just don't see butterfly koi of this quality very often," says Shawn Rosen, the provider of koi for sale. "We are excited to be able to offer our customers such beautiful butterfly koi fish this season."

Koi Market has recently partnered with Blackwater Creek Koi Farms, one of the leading koi breeders on the East Coast.

This partnership provides customers of Koi Market exclusive access to the highest quality of butterfly koi and fancy goldfish with the convenience of online ordering.

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Koi Pond Filtration Systems Explained

BELLMORE, NEW YORK - It is essential to understand filtration options for your koi pond. Configure a pond filtering system that works best for your pond and determine what pond equipment best suits your budget and your pond's needs.

"Proper pond filtration is essential to a healthy koi pond," says Shawn Rosen, owner of Koi Market, a leading koi care and pond supply company which offers live fancy goldfish and specialty koi fishes. "Filtration equipment is not an area where you want to cut corners. You could end up losing a lot of your fish."

Several factors need to be considered when you design your filtration system:

  • Total number of gallons
  • Desired pond shape and design
  • Pipe configuration and sizes needed
  • Filters and pump components
  • Proper aeration and water circulation
Koi pond filtration is a work in progress. Over time you will upgrade your filtration as your koi pond grows and develops. Green water is a common problem with ornamental ponds such as goldfish and koi ponds. Sometimes water can become so polluted that it is difficult to see your fish unless they have surfaced for feeding.

The three main filtration systems include:

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Retailer Of Specialty Koi For Sale Explains Importance Of Nitrification For Koi Ponds

BELLMORE, NEW YORK - When opening your pond for spring, it is important to understand the biological cycle called nitrification which naturally occurs in your koi pond.

This two-part series on the Nitrification Cycle breaks down the basics of what you need to understand this vital process. Nitrification is a form of biological filtration which converts nitrogen waste products into less harmful compounds creating a self-contained eco-system which can support life.

"Your pond will not survive without nitrification taking place," says Shawn Rosen, owner of Koi Market in New York, a leading East Coast koi pond supply company which offers live specialty koi for sale. It is important that you have the proper equipment and accessories setup to maximize this vital process.

You want the water temperature of your pond to be a minimum of 65 degrees. If temperatures fall below 65 degrees, it will take longer for the water to cycle. This naturally occurring biological cycle begins when your fish excrete ammonia through their waste and from their gills.
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Specialty Koi Fish Sale Retailer Explains Functions Of Nitrification Cycle

BELLMORE, NEW YORK - In Part Two of this two-part feature on the nitrification cycle, the important functions of nitrifiers and the steps to ensure that they thrive in your koi pond are explained.

"Your pond won't survive without nitrification taking place," says Shawn Rosen, owner of Koi Market, a leading East Coast koi pond supply company that offers live specialty koi for sale.

It is important that you have the proper equipment setup to maximize this vital process. Part One explained the ammonia filtering system created through nitrification and how crucial it is to take regular readings of your water to ensure there are not traces of ammonia in your pond.
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Leading Koi Sale/Supply Company Offers Loyalty Rewards

BELLMORE, NEW YORK - Koi Market introduces Koi Cash Rewards, their customer rewards loyalty program for their online customers. It rewards koi fish pond enthusiasts for purchases on basic supply purchases. "Koi Cash Rewards is our exclusive rewards program for our valued customers," says Shawn Rosen, owner of Koi Market.

A simple, quick registration on their website sets up your rewards account. Koi Cash is deposited into your account with each purchase.

"This is such an easy program to use." says Rosen. "Your reward cash is automatically deposited into your account for purchases made, then applied to your next purchase without you having to do a thing."

Reward cash is deposited into your personal Koi Cash Rewards account as soon as your purchase has been authorized.

You can use your rewards toward your next purchase, even if the amount of Koi Cash credits is greater than the amount of your purchase, Rosen says.

"Customers need supplies on a regular basis to properly care for their koi ponds," Rosen says. "We thought our customers should be rewarded for their loyalty and Koi Cash is our way of showing our appreciation."
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Spring Cleaning Your Koi Pond & Equipment - Part 2: Water Temps and Koi Health

BELLMORE, NEW YORK - Most koi pond enthusiasts are in the final stages of preparing their ponds and cleaning their koi pond equipment for spring opening.

"A thorough spring cleaning and water conditioning are the basic steps for opening your pond," says Shawn Rosen of Koi Market, a leading pond supplies retailer. "We need to finalize the opening with essential treatments to ensure koi health."

Once the temperatures begin to rise, your koi will begin showing signs of hunger. "Be sure not to feed your fish until they are ready," warns Rosen. "If a fish is hungry, he will come to the surface looking for fish food."

Koi tend to go dormant and do not eat during the winter months, he says. Do not overfeed your fish or leave uneaten food in the pond. Remove any uneaten food with a pond net or vacuum.
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Spring Cleaning Your Koi Pond - Part 1: Prepping For Water Conditioning

BELLMORE, NEW YORK - With 2012 already in full swing, koi pond enthusiasts anxiously await the opening of their ponds for spring. Following the essential steps in Koi Market's two-part series for koi pond cleaning and water preparation will create a healthy environment for your koi to enjoy.

"It is pointless to add anything to your pond before you clean it," says Shawn Rosen, owner of Koi Market. "The first step in pond preparation is to give your pond a good spring cleaning." Your pond needs to be cleaned thoroughly at least once a year, although Rosen recommends twice a year is best – once in the fall, then again in the spring. Leaves and other debris can promote infestation of parasites and bad bacteria in your pond water.

Rosen says to begin by filling plastic containers with a mixture of one-part pond water and one-part dechlorinated water. This is for holding your koi fish while you clean your pond. Fill up the containers with basic water from a hose, but be sure to use a dechlorinator to prepare for this first step. Begin by draining your pond low enough where it is easy to catch your fish. Remove your koi fish and place them in the holding containers for safe keeping while you clean your pond.
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Exotic Fish Retailer Now Offers Live Koi Fish Via Direct Shipping

BELLMORE, NEW YORK - Leading pond supply retailer Koi Market recently announced they will offer live koi for sale to customers with the convenience of door-to-door shipping through expedited delivery.

Established in 2007, Koi Market was founded by Shawn Rosen who began as a koi hobbyist. "It's not just a job, it's an obsession," says Rosen. "We started this business out of frustration for finding quality fish and koi pond products at reasonable prices." All online koi sales are delivered with free shipping and Koi Cash rewards, Koi Market's customer rewards loyalty program. Koi Market recently installed more than 10,000 gallons in custom-built tanks at their new retail location. This provides customers the opportunity to hand-select their koi.

"Our butterfly and standard koi will be in top demand," says Rosen. "Enthusiasts in New York and throughout the United States can now buy koi fish directly from us. We are very excited about this." Koi pond hobbyists have been limited in selection made available to them by their local koi dealers and aquarium stores. Exotic species, much less competition-worthy koi, were over-priced due to middleman markups and transportation fees from breeder to retailer.
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